What is a

Soul Midwife?

“Soul midwives are non-medical companions to the dying who have have undergone training to provide holistic, spiritual care at the end of life.”
Soul Midwives work towards enabling a peaceful, gentle and dignified death for those in their care by helping to support the process of crossing the sacred threshold.

They are holistic in approach, non-religious and inclusive. They are non-medical, but work alongside the wider care team, using non-invasive, complementary techniques.

My main aim as a Soul Midwife is to:

  • Support the spirit and soul of the patient (my friend) at all levels and stage of transition
  • Keep a loving vigil
  • Create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person
  • Use a range of gentle therapies to soothe and reassure, involving the use of the senses – sound, touch, colour and smell
  • Be an advocate for my friend and support families and loved ones up to, during and after death
“Midwifing death may sound like a strange notion, since we usually think of midwives as the traditional care providers for mothers and infants. However, just as we need help in the birthing process, we also need assistance to make this final transition from life to death.”
Ann Boynton “Making Peace with Death and Dying”

How I work as a Soul Midwife

If time allows, I like to meet a prospective ‘friend’ as soon as a prognosis has been given or as soon as is possible. This ideally gives time to grow and establish a friendly relationship of trust (usually between 3-6 sessions).

During this time and if appropriate, we might spend time making an end of life care plan, finding ways to honour precious memories, working through old losses/griefs/ways of resolution, using therapies if requested, such a ‘soothing touch’, reiki, visualization techniques, meditation and prayer, ‘creating a peaceful place’, at my friend’s pace – (not mine).

I will ensure that I am available during the last three days or so – and as much as I am wanted. I am happy to vigil at the bedside if required and will be available for after-care, whatever that may be.

Please contact me in complete confidence and with no obligation, to find out more. I would be delighted to discuss things further with you if there is any chance that I may be able to help in your situation. My fee is determined after an initial discussion between us and as part of our agreement to work together.

Safety and accountability are very important to me:

  • I abide by the Soul Midwives’ recognised professional code of conduct
  • I comply with current legal safeguarding guidelines www.soulmidwives.co.uk
  • I hold public liability insurance
  • A reference can be obtained from www.soulmidwives.co.uk

“Pastoral and spiritual companionship is at the heart of my role as an end of life guide.”

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